Artist's View

I grew up in Istanbul, in rose gardens and nature, swimming in free beaches, during possibly the most beautiful epoque of the city, the fifties. After hectic diplomatic life in big and over-crowded cities, the desolate beauty of Anatolia always gave me a feeling of peace and happiness.

During my studies of Nihonga (Japanese painting), I was very much impressed by Japanese artists' capacity to express the beauty of simplicity, their respect for nature and inspiration by even a most humble wild flower or plant. I have quickly adopted this manner of simplicity and the search of perfectionism in details. As Japanese art material, I use material such as gold and silver paints, gold flakes, plates, powder which were also used in my very own traditional art, "Turkish Miniatures". The material I use also includes Japanese rice and silk paper, stone ink, Japanese natural colouring similar to guache, gold flakes and a special glue made of seaweed to hold gold plating and recently, oil paint on canvas or more rarely, on press-toile. With these tools and philosophy, I am trying to reflect the beauty of the wide-open spaces of Central Anatolia and the view from the windows of our house in Ankara. My recent choice of oil paint is to avoid using glass framing, as oils need less protection than the more fragile paper.

I was inspired in my own works, by Japanese artists such as Maruyama Okyo of the 18th century, and Matazo Koyama, Uemura Atsuchi as contemporary artists, and photographers such as Mineko Orisaku and Shotaro Akiyama.

Detailed drawing and perfection in details were always my preferences to express myself.